Getting Around Portland

The best way to get around Portland is public transportation, although you shouldn't rule out your own two feet. Many of our guest do not use a car while visiting as so many things are just a block or so away… plus lots of public transportation options. Portland is known for having one of the easiest and most tourist-friendly public transportation systems in the country, with extensive routes from TriMet buses and light rail trains. Many of our guest also use Uber, Lift and Taxi’s. For a complete search of best ways to get around with public transportation visit TriMet

Portland Streetcar

The Portland Streetcar is a streetcar system in Portland, Oregon, that opened in 2001 and serves areas surrounding downtown Portland. The Streetcar runs from Northwest Portland to the South Waterfront via Downtown and the Pearl District. and to the East side. Our place is just a short walk to the Portland Streetcar stop lcoated on NW 23rd and Marshall. Portland Streetcar

Tri-Met Buses

With more than 84 lines, buses serve much of the Portland metro area. Many bus lines connect with MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail, Portland Streetcar and the Portland Aerial Tram.. There is a bus stop just a block away from our place NW 24th St. and Vaughn. Search Tri-Met Schedule

Max Light Rail

MAX Light Rail is a light rail system in Portland, Oregon, United States, that is owned and operated by Tri-Met. Max Light Rail

Amtrak Train

Portland Union Station is an Amtrak train station near the west shore of the Willamette River in the Old Town Chinatown section of Portland, Oregon, United States. The station building also contains offices on the upper floors, as well as Wilf's Restaurant and Piano Bar on the ground level. Amtrak Train